Get ready for a wild ride. A brand new docuseries from Netflix is coming this week and will add to the long list of devastating content on the platform. The Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich docuseries dives into his shocking world and the many questions surrounding his mysterious death. 

The four-part limited series will premiere on May 27 and the trailer prepares viewers for a thrilling and disturbing trip.

According to Business Insider, the financier was 66 years old when he died by suicide on August 10, 2019. A month prior, on July 6, he was arrested for suspicion of sex trafficking against underage girls and was being held in jail without bail.

This came a decade after previous allegations of sexual abuse against young girls, where Epstein "dodged federal charges in a secret plea deal", per Business Insider.

Nearly a year after his death, the series addresses the questions that people have been asking for months.

"Did he kill himself? Was he killed?" the trailer opens. 

An additional voiceover adds, "There was something happening here that was bigger than just Jeffrey Epstein."

The trailer explains that, in 2005, the Palm Beach Police Department received reports that Epstein had young women coming to and from his residence. 

Epstein would have had to spend his life in prison upon being convicted. However, his death cut those chances short. 

"It was more evidence of the fact that he was powerful and he could fix whatever thing came up," a voice in the trailer declares.

Exploring themes of power, money, and corruption, the Filthy Rich docuseries will dig deep into the other individuals who were apparently involved in Epstein's suicide. 

Business Insider claims that he was involved in a network that "facilitated his alleged sex trafficking", and that the businessman had close ties to "high-profile figures" in politics and business sectors, as well as members of British royalty.

"He's dead but he did not act alone. None of them have been held accountable. The monsters are still out there," another voice in the trailer says.

You can watch all four parts of Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich when it premieres on Netflix on May 27. 

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