This shop is closing for a while! You might have to wait a few more months for Kim’s Convenience season four on Netflix Canada to arrive. The finale airs tonight and the show's official Twitter promises that you're not emotionally ready for what's in store. 

The fourth season of the CBC comedy began airing in January and after 13 humour filled episodes, it's time to say "Ok see you" to the Kim family and friends for a little while.

If you haven't been watching new episodes weekly and prefer binge-watching them on Netflix Canada, you'll have to find other series to entertain you while you wait.

According to What's On Netflix, "Season 3 of Kim’s Convenience arrived on Netflix Canada in October 2019 so therefore, we’re expecting season 4 to arrive on Netflix CA in October 2020 at the absolute earliest."

Yikes, that's about half a year away. For our neighbours below us, What's On Netflix claims that they're actually getting the newest season on April 1, just one day after the finale premieres.

Before you get too jealous, the entire series can be streamed on CBC Gem, including every new episode from season four. 

As for the episode we're gearing up to watch tonight, the Kim's Convenience Twitter account writes that "You aren't ready for tomorrow's Season 4 finale. Even if you think you are, you aren't."

Michael Musi who plays Terence on the comedy retweeted the post and added, "You’re really not."

If you're feeling the sadness for having to say a temporary goodbye to the Canadian cast, you're not at all alone. These Twitter users say they're just not ready for the end to come, and others are preparing themselves for a sneak attack on their emotions!

But before the tears start flowing, you can get the chance to virtually hang out with the full cast of the series. 

They will be live streaming tonight from 7 to 8 p.m. EST right before the episode airs. That includes cast members who play Appa, Umma, Jung, Janet, Kimchee, and Shannon. 

Andrew Phung, who plays Kimchee Han, even tweeted that it's been eight months since the cast wrapped up filming and have all been together so this will be a virtual reunion for them. He added that the finale episode is "a really special one" filled with "laughs and tears."

You can catch the Kim's Convenience season four finale tonight at 8 p.m. EST on CBC. While you wait, check out the sneak peek below of what's to come in the episode.

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