Merry Christmas... again! The holiday season may have come and gone just over a month ago, but for one actor it’s just beginning. Mel Gibson’s Fatman filming in Ottawa will reportedly see him wandering Canada’s capital dressed as Santa Claus sometime over the next few weeks.

The new Christmas action movie was first reported by Deadline back in May of 2019 where it was mentioned that filming would take place in Canada starting in early 2020.

Smyth Casting, a casting agency based out of Ottawa, seemed to have confirmed the movie's Canadian filming location by announcing their need for extras in the upcoming film. They revealed that they are “prepping for Fatman” and “want to get an early start” on booking elves.

Gibson is set to portray an unconventional Santa Claus in the midst of watching his company fail. Until one day, things are put into perspective when a 12-year-old named Billy decides to take down Santa Claus by hiring a hitman after he received nothing but coal on Christmas morning.

The movie will be directed by brothers Ian and Eshom Nelms and produced by Nadine de Barros, Brandon James, and Lisa Wolofsky.

De Barros gushed about Gibson, reporting to the Hollywood Reporter that "Mel is the perfect choice as Kris Kringle like we've never seen him before” and that she “couldn't be more thrilled to watch this darkly comedic Christmas film come to life."

According to IMDb, Fatman is the third project Gibson has scheduled for 2020. Two other movies, Waldo and Force of Nature are both slated to be released sometime this year.

This isn’t the only time the 64-year-old actor has spent time working in Canada. Back in 2017, he found himself in Vancouver while filming his movie Dragged Across the Concrete.

There has yet to be a premiere date revealed for Fatman, or information on whether or not the film will get a traditional release or head straight onto a streaming platform.

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