Now that January is here it means that we're officially back to the reality of work and school, but it also means that so many of your favourite shows will be coming back to get you through the winter. The show may not have started yet, but people are already saying that Mykenna Dorn from The Bachelor has a seriously good chance of winning the upcoming season.

If you've been keeping up with the latest news from Bachelor Nation, you may have heard that there's only one Canadian on the upcoming season — 22-year-old Mykenna Dorn from Langley, B.C.

We haven't seen Dorn on TV yet, but from her social media alone it's easy to tell that she's got a fun and bubbly personality that really helps to set her apart from the competition.

The B.C. native is a successful fashion blogger who already amassed an awesome fan base before the season premiere due to her keen sense of style, quirky captions, and of course, her awesome dance moves.

Fans of The Bachelor know that it's pretty standard to pick a favourite every season as soon as the contestants are announced, and so far, quite a few people believe that Dorn has what it takes to make it all the way to the end of the competition.

"Mykenna is gonna win The Bachelor I’m calling it now," one person tweeted.

"First look at the new ladies for Peter's season of The Bachelor and I say its Mykenna or Sarah for the final pick," another fan speculated.

Dorn is one of the youngest contestants on this season of The Bachelor, but as they say — age is just a number, and she and 28-year-old Pilot Pete could very well hit it off.

Be sure to look out for Canada's sweetheart on the season premiere of the show this Monday, January 6.

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