There's only a couple of days left until we say goodbye to pumpkin spice and scary movies and hello to Santa Claus and snow. This is our final stretch for everything spooky and because Halloween is on a Thursday most people have work or school which means Halloween plans are running slim this year. If you're looking for a quiet night in, Netflix Canada Halloween movies are perfect for you.

The streaming platform has had a super successful Halloween season. With the superb performance of their "Netflix and Chills" campaign, they totally dominated the fall movie scene. With films like Eli and series like Marianne, there's nowhere better to look for horror movies. Here are 7 movies to watch on Netflix this Halloween. Just remember... don't watch them alone! 


Rating: 50% on Rotten Tomatoes 

Eli was deemed the scariest horror movie to ever stream on Netflix by fans of the film. It follows an eleven-year-old boy who has a rare disease preventing him from ever experiencing the outside world. His parents in one final attempt, take him to a treatment facility that turns out to be the exact opposite of what they expected. 


Rating: 57% on Rotten Tomatoes 

Wounds is one of Netflix's most recent hits. It follows a bartender who is trying to figure out who the owner of a phone is that was left at his job. He brings the home only to find out that the phone wasn't your average phone. Mysterious and horrific things begin to happen to the bartender and his wife. It stars Armie Hammer and Dakota Johnson.

The Perfection 

Rating: 73% on Rotten Tomatoes 

While The Perfection has been out on Netflix for a while, this original is worth all the rewatches. If you haven't watched it... you're in for a gory ride. 

The Perfection follows musicians who were trained together as children at a prestigious music school. They meet again as adults to become romantically involved. Things take a turn and they find themselves on a bus full of people throwing up maggots and body limbs being cut off. 


Rating: 58% on Rotten Tomatoes 

Fractured, while not your spooky ghost story, is definitely a horror movie in its own way. The movie follows a family on their way home from Thanksgiving weekend. When they pull over for a pit stop, their young daughter gets hurt and they have to rush her to the hospital. Along with her mother, she's taken in for further testing and after hours of waiting,  the father soon realizes his wife and daughter have vanished. Even weirder, no one has any recollection of them. 


Rating: 38% on Rotten Tomatoes

Rattlesnake is also a recent original release and follows a mother and daughter who are lost and stranded. While the mother tries to fix the problem with their car their daughter disappears and is seriously injured. Her mother carries her to a nearby trailer begging for help. A woman insides helps and gets them to a hospital but it isn't long before the mother realizes she also needs to save her daughter's soul. 

The Nightmare

Rating: 68% on Rotten Tomatoes 

This film is a little different than the others on this list. It's actually a documentary. This spooky documentary details the horrific experience of sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis deals with the inability to move, hallucinations, and breathing struggles. It's a real-life nightmare and you get the scoop from real-life experiences. 

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