Right now, people are getting very familiar with their streaming services. Netflix Canada is definitely getting a workout. People are even discovering things they never knew were there. As it turns out, the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender has been there all along.

The discussion about the newly discovered (and rediscovered) show started when Netflix tweeted an announcement that the series was now available on the platform.

This, however, came from the American Netflix Twitter account, and happened to throw some people off.

"I’m so confused, I watched ATLAB like last week why is everyone saying it’s now finally on Netflix...it’s been on Netflix for MONTHS or are y’all watching summ else," wrote @distractedbyjin.

"Me sitting over here while everyone is freaking out that Avatar the Last Airbender is on Netflix because it's been on Canadian netflix for a while now," wrote @BoxingtonEsq.

Both Canadians and Americans came together on the social media platform to express their surprise that Canada's Netflix had something the US version didn't.

This revelation that the popular show had been tucked away for Canadians to access any time they wanted has turned into a broader discussion about how much content Canadian Netflix actually has.

Some people came out to support Canada's version of Netflix, while others wanted to put it on blast for not being as good as the platform in other countries.

"People that think Canadian Netflix is shit need to get some taste. Compared to what it had 10 or even 5 years ago it has improved greatly. It's got 90% of Tarantino and 70% of Fincher. Tons of other notable directors and films," wrote @bopplesheets.

Twitter user @bastardstation got really blunt on the matter, writing "Canadian Netflix dont got Parks and Rec so its automatically bad."


While it's true that you might not always find what you're looking for on Canadian Netflix, it still has plenty to offer, and new stuff is always being added.

Still, it can definitely be a pain when the show you really want to watch isn't available on the service. At least everyone can watch some fun originals.

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