As much as people love to complain about Netflix, the streaming service has always been there in times of need — when you're having a bad day and need a sad movie to cry to, or when you need something to watch to break the ice on that awkward first date. Realistically, the app isn't all that bad, and as it turns out, Netflix's Canada's movie catalogue has more "quality" films than any other streaming service.

When the streaming service first rose to popularity, it was loaded up with some of the most popular movies and TV shows, boasting a library of about 6,500 titles back in 2014.

Over time though, Netflix has changed its focus and has begun mass producing original content for its viewers. As a result, the app has had to reduce its content library by over 40%, down to about 3,850 titles.

This sounds like a bad thing for audiences, but according to some research done by Kill the Cable Bill, Netflix is actually home to the most films from IMDb's Top 250 movies of all-time list, compared to other streaming services.

Of the 250 films on the list, 33 of them were found in the OG streaming service's catalogue including titles like The MatrixPulp Fiction, and V for Vendetta.

If you're curious about how other streaming services compared, Amazon Prime Video had only 22 titles from the top 250 list, including To Kill a MockingbirdRequiem For a Dream, and American Beauty.

Even lower still was Disney+, with just 12 of its films making it onto IMDb's list. Titles included Avengers: EndgameThe Lion King, and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Coming in last was HBO with only The Usual Suspects and Amelie cracking the best movies of all-time list.

News of Netflix's triumph comes at a unique time, as it was recently projected that the platform would lose at least four million subscribers in 2020 due to things like pricing and competition.

The streaming service wars are just getting started, but Netflix seems to be holding onto their spot at the top, for now, anyway.

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