With so many shows and movies available for streaming on Netflix, sometimes even the most decisive person can have trouble deciding what to watch. Luckily, the streaming service has heard our cries and Netflix Canada's "Watch Now" feature will save you from hours of endless scrolling.

On Tuesday, December 10, Netflix began testing a new feature on a small percentage of accounts globally that's been designed to enhance the viewer experience. 

If your account has been selected for testing, the new feature will appear in the form of a "Watch Now" button on your profile. If you click this button, Netflix will begin playing the next episode of a show you're already watching, something that you've added to your personal list or a random title that's been selected by the platform's algorithms.

The selection is never totally random though — Netflix wants to ensure that you'll enjoy whatever content you're checking out, and so they'll give you a brief explanation of why the chosen title was selected for you whenever you opt to use the "Watch Now" button.

The biggest struggle for many users of the streaming service is actually deciding what to watch, and so this new addition to the service will come in handy, especially for the most indecisive Netflixers.

Netflix will also be adding a "Play Something Else" button to the video player itself, which will come in handy if users find themselves getting bored of whatever it is that they're currently watching.

During the ongoing two-month testing phase, the "Play Something Else" feature is only being shown when viewers opt to start their Netflix session with the "Watch Now" button, but it's undetermined how the features will work if Netflix moves forward past testing.

Earlier this week it was announced that Netflix was expected to lose roughly four million subscribers in 2020 due to "unsustainability, prices, and competition", but the addition of these new features may give the service a fighting chance.

The streaming service also has a pretty impressive content lineup coming in the new year, including shows like MessiahThe Circle, and AJ and The Queen.

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