Netflix has recently chosen Canada as a country they'd love to explore. They're opening a new hub in Toronto, and in 2017 they announced their 500 million dollar investment in Canadian content. They just announced new partnerships with Canadian companies that'll make sure all Canadians are represented in their productions. Netflix is showing its support of Canadian filmmaking. 

At the Banff World Media Festival, Netflix announced three new partnerships with Canadian Indigenous cultural organizations. Their reasoning is that through these partnerships they'll be able to provide screen opportunities and develop the talent in the Indigenous community.

A representative of Netflix commented on the agreement and said,"..we believe that not just our company and our workforce, but also our service and our content are better and stronger when they reflect the diversity of our membership."

The three organizations are imagineNATIVE, Wapikoni Mobile, and Indigenous Screen Office.

This partnership is part of the $500 million Netflix promised to invest in Canadian filmmaking. In their initial statement back in 2017, they budgeted $25 million aimed at developing and providing opportunities for the next generation of Canadians working in film. 

These partnerships join multiple others as part of the movement of supporting neglected communities and Netflix thinks it shows their commitment to Canadians, "...we have a long-term view and commitment to Canada and recognizing the strength of its creative community. We want to help foster some emerging talent."

Netflix is opening up so many opportunities for Canadian creatives that'll drastically change Hollywood North (for the better) over the next few years!

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