The time after the holidays can be a little underwhelming, with nothing to look forward holiday wise until Valentine's day, January can seem daunting. Luckily Netflix has an entire list of new original series coming to their platform starting in January. Netflix series 2020 releases will be sure to keep your binging needs satisfied all year long. 

Not only are series like Stranger Things, The Umbrella Academy, and Sex Education returning for more episodes, but so far Netflix has a total of 27 new confirmed series. 

Here are just a few that you have to check out next year! 

AJ and the Queen 

Release Date: January 10, 2020

RuPaul is taking a break from reality TV to play Ruby red in a new scripted comedy called AJ and the Queen


Release Date: January 17, 2020

This new psychological thriller set in Amsterdam will follow best friends Rosa and Jacob who surrender to a secret student society that promises wealth and power. But there are demonic forces at work behind the cult that they don't know about. 


Release Date: 2020

This new eight-episode series follows five friends who investigate cases of the dead coming back to life as vengeful spirits. 

Dash and Lily 

Release Date: 2020 

This new YA series is executive produced by Nick Jonas and will follow a whirlwind holiday romance between two teens. 

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous

Release Date: 2020 

This new animated series will take place at our favourite adventure camp. Six teenagers get the opportunity to spend days in the camp but naturally, the dinosaurs attack and they're unable to leave.

The Eddy 

Release Date: 2020 

This new musical series from the writer and director of La La Land will center itself around a jazz club in Paris that is threatened by danger. 

Reality Z

Release Date: 2020

Reality Z is a Brazilian adaptation of an English show that over five episodes will focus on a zombie apocalypse that affects the production of a reality show. 

The studio is quickly turned into a shelter where the citizens must fight for their lives. 

Selena: The Series 

Release Date: 2020 

One of the most iconic series is hitting Netflix in 2020 and it's the real-life biography of world-renowned pop singer Selena Quintanilla. The series will follow her coming of age story and rise into fame, and eventual death. 


Release Date: 2020 

Sarah Paulson stars in this new horror that follows the Ratched journey from a nurse to a full-time monster and her journey through the mental health care system. 

Never Have I Ever 

Release Date: 2020 

This new Netflix project is a coming of age story inspired by the life of Mindy Kaling. It follows teen Devi Devi who's excited and spirited attitude gets her into a lot of trouble.

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