As they do every month, Netflix has already rolled out some pretty awesome TV shows and movies this January. One series, in particular, that's caught a lot of attention is Netflix's Spinning Out, and as it turns out, the show was filmed right here in Canada.

If you're not familiar with the series, Spinning Out is about a figure skater named Kat who has big dreams of going to the Olympics. Unfortunately, her mother's fragile mental health, her own mental struggles, her relationships, and just about everything else in her life is holding her back from achieving her goal.

The 10-episode show was uploaded to the streaming service on January 1, and since then it's been receiving great reviews online and is currently sitting at a 7.9/10 on the popular rating site IMDb.

The series is supposed to take place in a city called Hawkley, Idaho, but like so many of the shows that are set in America's Pacific Northwest, it was actually filmed in Canada — Ontario, more specifically.

The show's first season was filmed from January to May of 2019 in and around the Toronto area, with Ontario's Blue Mountain Resort playing the role of the Pinecrest Ski Resort in the show.

Another location where much of Spinning Out's filming took place is Orangeville, Ontario's Teen Ranch Ice Corral. Since the series is about figure skating, you can imagine how much of the major drama actually takes place on the ice.

Kaya Scodelario, who plays Kat in the series, shared plenty of insider sneak peeks of the arena during filming, including some pretty neat behind-the-scenes camera tricks.

One last filming location you can definitely check out while in the GTA is none other than Wally's Restaurant in Mississauga. Unlike other locations used for the series, this restaurant got to keep its original name, according to Bustle.

Spinning Out is just one of the many shows coming to Netflix this month. You can check out the full list of new and exciting content for the coming weeks here.

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