Staying home just got a lot more entertaining! These new arrivals on Amazon Prime will keep you glued to the TV screen during your long weekend indoors. A mixture of brand new series, classic throwbacks, and stand-up comedy are the perfect combo for days of couch potato fun.

The streaming service is coming through with fresh content, and the month of May has quite a bit in store to freshen up your must-watch list. 

This week features a classic medical comedy throwback, a crime docuseries, and a satirical drama that stars some familiar faces. 

Want to make the most of your Amazon Prime subscription? You can find highly rated Originals, romance flicks to warm your heart, and even some underappreciated shows that you'll wish you discovered sooner

But first, check out these 8 new arrivals that will keep you amused and satisfied for days.  

Upload (Season 1)

If you still haven't binged this new sci-fi comedy starring Canadian Robbie Amell, it'd be a good idea to use your extra day off to get into it. Amell plays Nathan Brown, a young man who is about to die after a car accident and gets offered a chance to upload his consciousness so that he can continue living in the afterlife.

Here's even more reason to watch: it was renewed for a second season just one week after its premiere!

Scrubs (Seasons 1-9)

Follow the shenanigans of BFFs J.D. and Turk who work at the Sacred Heart Hospital together and have to deal with demanding superiors, picky patients, and their tricky love lives.

Honey Boy

This 2019 drama was written by and stars Shia LaBeouf. The story is based on his real-life childhood and relationship with his father, where young Otis finds his rise into stardom but also has to deal with his alcoholic and abusive dad.

Tom Gleeson: Joy 

At just over an hour-long, this stand-up comedy special from Australian Tom Gleeson will give you all of the giggles. With a sharp mind and quick wit, the comedian takes you on a joyful ride, recollecting on his life and what he's been up to.

Jimmy O Yang: Good Deal 

The laughter continues! The American actor that you may know as Jian-Yang in Silicon Valley hits the stage with a stand-up routine where he discusses Asian representation, following his dreams, and even how he learned English from rap videos.

Anne Edmonds: What's Wrong With You?

Australian Anne Edmonds takes the stage for this one-hour special where she talks all about life and gets into the nitty-gritty about what's wrong with everyone, including you.

The Last Narc (Season 1)

Dropping on May 15, this docuseries follows former cartel members that expose the dark secrets behind the murder of DEA Agent, "Kiki" Camarena. A total must-watch for fans of Narcos.

The Great (Season 1)

Coming on May 16, this 10 episode comedy-drama stars Elle Fanning as Catherine the Great and Nicholas Hoult as Peter III of Russia. Catherine is a young woman about to get tossed into an arranged marriage with Peter but has bigger plans of rebellion in order to change the backward world that she lives in.

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