Best wishes and warmest regards to Schitt's Creek star Emily Hampshire! Her new drama series will begin filming in Halifax next month. It's based on a short story by Stephen King so you know it will be dramatic. 

According to Deadline, the series is currently titled Chapelwaite and the 38-year-old Montreal born actress will star opposite Adrien Brody.

His starring role was first announced in December, and there are no other confirmed cast members in the drama as of yet. 

Based on King's 1978 short story Jerusalem's Lot, the series written by the Filardi brothers will be set in the 1850s. It follows Boone who has to "confront the secrets of his family’s sordid history, and fight to end the darkness that has plagued the Boones for generations."

Deadline writes that Hampshire's character named Rebecca Morgan is "an ambitious young woman who left Preacher’s Corners to attend Mount Holyoke College, and has returned home with an advance to write a story for the new and prestigious Atlantic Magazine."

She experiences a writer's block until Brody's character Captain Charles Boone arrives. Rebecca decides to write a gothic novel about Boone and his family in which "she’ll unravel a mystery that has plagued her own family for years."

The drama series comes from Epix Productions and filming will begin in April. It's currently set for a fall 2020 release, per Deadline. 

Screen Nova Scotia confirmed that the series will begin production soon but doesn't have set start or end dates.

According to her IMDb page, this will be Hampshire's third piece of work since the season finale of Schitt's Creek this April. She will appear in the TV series 50 States of Fright and star as Meredith in the horror film, Home.

Hampshire will be keeping pretty busy as she heads on the Schitt's Creek: The Farewell Tour running from May until July. The cast will be hitting two Ontario cities during the tour where you can see them live together for one last time.  

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