Party at the Rosebud Motel! From a safe distance, that is. The Schitt's Creek filming locations are in Ontario and you can virtually explore them with Google Maps. Whether you're located thousands of miles away from the small town or just want to keep yourself and its residents safe, the computer experience is just as fun as real life.

We recently said goodbye to the Rose family and friends when they wrapped up the sixth and final season in early April.

If you're feeling a pit in your heart from missing their hilarious shenanigans, the show's official Twitter account offered up an option to satisfy your desire for nostalgia.

Earlier this week, Google Maps tweeted out to users to "take a virtual travel day with #StreetView to see the world from home."

The Schitt's Creek account quickly took their 230K followers on a virtual tour of the tiny town, adding in GIFs to create the real-life experience.

Where was their first stop? Café Tropical, of course! 

Located at 302 Durham Regional Hwy 47 in Goodwood, Ontario, the freestanding building acts as the restaurant where the Roses ate at almost daily.

The cafe is very conveniently located just across the street from stop number two, which is equally as exciting.

David and Patrick's beloved Rose Apothecary can be found at 299 Durham Regional Hwy 47 and is actually called Romni Wools Goodwood. 

Can't you just picture the cast and crew on set here?

Next stop: the Rosebud Motel!

The real motel is located at 308399 Dufferin County Rd 7 in Orangeville, Ontario and looks pretty empty in the snapshot Google took of it.

Schitt's Creek adventure isn't complete without the iconic Blouse Barn.

IMDb claims that the building used for the clothing store David briefly worked at is located at 159 Main St. in Unionville, Ontario. 

Although this last stop wasn't actually featured on screen in the series, we can still take a virtual stop to check it out.

Pinewood Studios in Toronto was used to film interior shots, per IMDb. It's located in the downtown core at 223 Commissioners St.

Missing the Rose family even more now? You can catch the first five seasons of Schitt's Creek on Netflix and all six seasons are available to stream on CBC Gem. 

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