Your new favourite game show is here! Ryan Reynolds and Adam Scott's Don't premieres soon and you'll want to tune in to see the hilarious antics. The series looks like a mix between Family Feud and Wipeout and will definitely get you giggling.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Scott will host the show and Reynolds acts as executive producer and narrator. So you won't actually get to see the Deadpool's charming face, but you will hear his laughable commentary. 

The premise of Don't follows teams made up of four family members competing together to win $100,000. They participate in a sequence of five different stunts that build up their winnings along the way. 

However, the psychological twist is that Scott will be directing them not to do certain things like "Don't blink", "Don't look back", and "Don't play ball in the house."

Sounds simple, right? 

In the trailer, the host is seen giving commands to contestants, all of which consist of him telling them what not to do.

"Fun fact: Adam's salary is tied to how many times he says the show's title," Reynolds' voice comically adds. "He's also really good at defining boundaries. That's pretty much the only boundary the show has got."

In a video from ABC, Scott explains that Don't is "about just trying not to do whatever we're throwing at you." 

Executive producer David Goldberg adds, "really the concept for this game is just to do the opposite of what your brain tells you to do."

One of the games Scott explains is called "Don't drink" where contestants eat some of the spiciest foods on the planet while walking on a treadmill that's under a heat lamp. During that time they're offered a series of cold and refreshing drinks to help ease the burn, but each time they don't take a sip, they win $4,000. 

The show also features a "Don't Push" button that can either double their earnings from a game from $20,000 to $40,000 or cut them completely in half.

"Ryan Reynolds and the rest of the creators and producers here are really looking to subvert the genre a little bit and throw in comedy and weird moments that aren't always expected in a game show format," Scott says.

"His [Scott's] brand of comedy and Ryan's brand of comedy is very much ingrained into the show," Goldberg adds. 

You can catch Don't when it premieres on June 11 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC. 

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