The viewers have spoken! These throwback shows on Disney+ all earned themselves perfect audience scores on Rotten Tomatoes. You'll want to pop them on next time you're in need of some nostalgia with a hint of non-stop laughter sprinkled in.

These series were classics when they first aired on the Family Channel and now you can relive the fun with Disney+.

Here you'll see the infamous psychic teenager, a pair of mischievous twins, and even a girl with an obsession over paranormal phenomena. 

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That's So Raven

Raven Baxter is a normal teenager with the bizarre talent of seeing into the future, and her BFFs Eddie and Chelsea try to help avert bad situations that she foresees and desperately wants to avoid from happening.

The Suite Life of Zack & Cody 

Twin brothers Zack and Cody live in the Tipton Hotel where their mom works as a lounge singer. They get themselves into some pretty messy shenanigans alongside their pals Maddie and London, much to the dismay of manager Mr. Moseby.

So Weird

Teenage computer nerd Fiona Phillips travels the world alongside her rock-star mother, but has a side hobby of investigating paranormal activity and discovers some creepy findings that she shares on her online blog.

Hannah Montana 

Miley Stewart is a normal teenager by day and international pop star by night. When her pals Lilly and Oliver find out about her big secret, they join together to help her hide her identity from their peers while also enjoying the stardom ride.

Good Luck Charlie 

When baby Charlie makes her grand debut into the Duncan family, older sister Teddy picks up the video camera to record the first years of her life, equipped with tips and advice for her baby sister.

Shake It Up 

BFFs CeCe and Rocky have the lifelong dream of becoming professional dancers and finally get the chance when they earn a spot on a local TV show, yet still have to learn how to balance work and school. 

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