Get your popcorn ready! Last night, The Bachelor Women Tell All episode aired, and as was expected, it was full of drama. Many fan favourites returned to be a part of the spectacle, including Canada’s own Mykenna Dorn.

During her time on the show, Dorn certainly made an impression on Peter Weber, the other women, and those watching her at home (including Jennifer Aniston, who hilariously trolled one of her giant hair clips on Instagram).

The Women Tell All episode gives the most controversial contestants from each season a chance to return to your television screens and address any of the drama they were apart of in the house, as well as any of the scandals that have taken place after filming.

Although the 23-year-old Canadian hasn’t received quite as much negative press as some of the other women, there’s no denying she’s had her share of hate to deal with. While pursuing her relationship with Pilot Pete, Dorn’s motives for being on the show were called into question by fellow Bachelor star, Tammy Ly.

Ly accused Dorn of using the show as a way to promote herself and her fashion blog and made some nasty comments about her being a “blonde girl from Canada”.

According to E! News, Dorn and Ly seemed to squash their beef a few weeks back after the New York-based house flipper issued an apology for her actions and words while on The Bachelor via social media.

The hatchet was unburied on last night’s episode though, when Ly once again accused her Canadian co-star of putting on a show for the cameras. In response, Dorn urged Ly to “come to Canada so [she] can learn how to treat people with love, respect and kindness.”

Due to time restraints, the show’s host, Chris Harrison, had to cut their conversation short, so the two contestants didn’t have a chance to make up once again. Who knows—maybe they’ll have another shot at friendship if they both end up on Bachelor in Paradise.

Be sure to tune into the two-part finale of Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor next Monday and Tuesday, March 9 and 10 at 8 p.m. EST.

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