It isn't very often that Canada gets any type of representation in U.S. television that isn't Americans making fun of our accents or how cold our climate is. But Canadians were in for a treat when they watched the most recent episode of The Handmaid's Tale. This could possibly be one of the first times that America was shown as inferior to Canada. Canadians loved The Handmaid's Tale's huge Canadian storyline this week.

Get ready for some spoilers ahead because this week's episode was a big one for the series. 

Serena and Fred took a trip north in order to enlist U.S. officer Mark, who is based in Canada, in helping them save Serena's adopted daughter Nichole. As soon as the couple passed the Canadian border, the two were surrounded by officers calling for Fred's arrest. 

He was told, "Commander Waterford, you have now crossed into Canada. We are arresting you for war crimes and crimes of aggression in violation of international human rights treaties and international law."

Fred's long-awaited arrest had Canadian Twitter users ecstatic about their country's role in the takedown. The Handmaid's Tale Hulu account even got in on the fun:

Other Twitter users tweeted just how much they appreciated the Canadian representation in the episode. 

We aren't really surprised that Canada would have an important role in this series. After all, Canadian Margaret Atwood is the author of the original book! 

You can catch episodes of The Handmaid's Tale on Bravo every Sunday or stream all three seasons on Hulu!

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