There's been tons of excitement over childhood shows and movies now available on Disney+, but there's also new and original content to enjoy too. Users have already shared their love for Baby Yoda in The Mandalorianand there's also Marvel's Hero Project and The World According to Jeff Goldblum. The streaming service is doing an interesting technique where they release new episodes over a period of time, rather than all at once as Netflix normally does. And it seems to work because The Imagineering Story on Disney+ already has tons of love.

The first episode of the new docuseries was released on November 12 when Disney+ launched in Canada, the US, and the Netherlands.

The second premiered a few days later on November 15, so the next four episodes should be rolling out within the coming weeks.

The Imagineering Story is narrated by Angela Bassett and directed by Leslie Iwerks. It gives viewers an inside look at the Walt Disney Imagineering company which has been up and running for 67 years.

The docuseries already impressed movie critics and got a 9.1/10 score on IMDb. It also got a whopping 100% "average Tomatometer" and 86% "average audience score" on Rotten Tomatoes so far. 

Some users have expressed their love for the series, and a common theme seems to be an overwhelming feeling of emotion at the unseen footage.

One user wrote, "The first episode of The Imagineering Story is the best documentary ever made about Disneyland. Some never before seen footage in it is incredible. And that ending is brutal."

Another person who was impressed after only the first episode shared some great photos writing, "'The Imagineering Story' Episode 1 on Disney+ has some GREAT, rare footage. So many gems."

This user shared some intriguing photos too and wrote that "The care taken to restore the footage & images to the amazing quality was overwhelming at times & I cried a lot!"

Another person called The Imagineering Story the "BEST SHOW ON DISNEY+ NO QUESTION!! This is why Disney+ exist and it showcases the legacy of Walt and everything he touched over time!! It’s so hard to wait for more episodes but it shows just how incredible it is!!"

Twitter wouldn't be complete without the iconic millennial humour from this user too.

The Imagineering Story is worth checking out if you're a Disney+ subscriber and of course, a fan of The Walt Disney Company.

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