Mix up ahead! Netflix's newest raunchy rom-com premieres so soon and you'll want to add it to your list for your next popcorn and movie night. The Wrong Missy trailer is a total throwback of some of your favourite 90s stars together again to give you all of the giggles.

The brand new flick will hit the streaming platform on May 13, making it a special mid-week pick me up.

With quite the star-studded cast, Tommy Boy star David Spade plays Tim Morris, a man who stumbles into a gorgeous model named Missy while shuffling through an airport.

The two hit it off over drinks and exchange numbers, keeping up their budding romance through text.

After some flirty texting and bragging about her to the whole office, Tim decides to bite the bullet and invite Missy to a tropical work retreat.

Things take a turn when Missy shows up for their Hawaii getaway but isn't at all who Tim expected. He had accidentally been texting a woman with the same name who was a terrible blind date gone wrong from years ago.

Deciding to just go with it, the "wrong" Missy starts off embarrassing Tim in front of all his coworkers but unexpectedly becomes a love interest for Tim who sees value in her goofy character.

Orange Is the New Black star Lauren Lapkus plays Missy gone wrong. You can also find her in Good Girls, Jurassic World, and The Big Bang Theory.

Molly Sims plays the "right" Missy, and you may know her from Yes Man, Fired Up!, or Starsky & Hutch.  

Also on board is Ottawa born Sarah Chalke, known for her roles in Scrubs, How I Met Your Mother, and Roseanne.

It wouldn't be a David Spade movie without some iconic faces he often stars alongside.

Nick Swardson plays Nate, Tim's co-worker cheering him on to get that second date with Missy. Spade and Swardson have previously worked together on The Benchwarmers, Jack and Jill, Grandma's Boy, and The Do-Over among tons more. 

In one of the trailer's funniest moments, icon Rob Schneider is seen getting all up in snorkel gear that he then hands to Tim who responds, "put that in my mouth now?"

Schneider, whose resume goes back to 1989, has starred alongside Spade in films including Grown Ups 1 and 2, The Benchwarmers, and Grandma's Boy

Also in the trailer is Dexter star Geoff Pierson, whose 90s work includes Grace Under Fire, Unhappily Ever After, The Right Way, and Leave It to Beaver. 

Ready for a major 90s throwback? IMDb claims that rapper Vanilla Ice also makes a cameo in the new flick. You know him for "Ice Ice Baby", "Play That Funky Music", and "Ninja Rap".

John Farley will appear as Calvin Sr., per IMDb. Farley has been in Little Nicky, You Don't Mess with the Zohan, The Waterboy, and Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star. 

You can catch The Wrong Missy when it premieres on Netflix on May 13. 

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