It's been just over a year now since Netflix introduced the world to the serial stalker and murderer Joe Goldberg. However, despite his flawed morals and sociopathic tendencies, his appeal to viewers has done anything but dimish. Instead, it has people wondering exactly who is Penn Badgley from You? 

While the actor doesn't exactly have past experience playing a killer, he's been working in the entertainment industry since 1999 and is no stranger to drama.  

Luckily for fans of the 33-year-old actor in 2020, Netflix Canada offers more of his content than just You.

The streaming platform offers the perfect solution for viewers who are already struggling to wait for the show's confirmed third season

So get ready to cancel plans this upcoming Saturday, because it's time for a Penn Badgley marathon. 

Easy A

Rating: 85% on Rotten Tomatoes 

Before Emma Stone played a struggling actress in La La Land, she worked as a seventeen-year-old high school student, Olive, in the movie Easy A.

Our favourite killer? He played the school mascot, Woodchuck Todd, who proves himself to be a loyal friend when the entire student body turns against her. 

Gossip Girl 

Rating: 84% on Rotten Tomatoes 

Gossip Girl is what the You actor is most famously known for. It's also the series that got him his big break in Hollywood. 

Badgley played Dan Humphrey on the 2007 series that followed upper-class teens struggling with the problems that come with attending a private school filled with other privileged adolescents.

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