If your childhood was anything like mine, chances are good that you watched a LOT of Disney movies. One of my personal favourites has always been The Little Mermaid, so when news got out about the live-action remake, the excitement was seriously high. Who will play Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid? Fans think Shawn Mendes is the best choice.

Probably the most controversial topic surrounding this movie has been the casting. In The Little Mermaid animated film, Ariel was depicted as a white girl with long red hair, so when Halle Bailey was cast as Ariel, the internet was divided, although a lot of people are now coming to terms with the awesome choice.

Two other key roles in the film that have yet to be cast are that of Prince Eric and Ursula. Actress Melissa McCarthy has been in talks to play the film's villain, although plenty of people on Twitter have been campaigning for the singer Lizzo to take on the role since she dressed up as Ursula for Halloween in 2018.

As far as Prince Eric goes, Disney initially offered the role to former One Direction member Harry Styles. Although we can all agree that he would've been perfect for the role, Styles respectfully declined to take on the project.

Since we won't get to see his luscious locks on the big screen, a lot of people are wondering who Disney will consider to play Prince Eric next. From the looks of things, fans have none other than Canadian singer Shawn Mendes in their minds as a front-runner.

Mendes and Disney have yet to comment on the casting, but Just Jared has created a poll where fans can vote for who they think should play Prince Eric. At the time this was written, Mendes is in the lead with 581 votes.  

Other options in the poll include Noah Centineo, Timothée Chalamet, Zac Efron, Jimin from BTS, and Nick Jonas to name a few. Although I wouldn't mind seeing a lot of the actors mentioned cast as Prince Eric, I can guarantee right now that I won't be watching the film if Noah Centineo somehow ends up being cast.

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