A few days ago, filmmaker Charlie Kessler accused the "Stranger Things" creators, Matt and Ross Duffer, of stealing his idea for the show without his permission. He had plenty of proof and was prepared to sue them for lost profits. But, the Duffer Bros are firing back with evidence of their own.

Various media have revealed emails of the Duffer Brothers discussing and developing ideas for the "Montauk" series, which was the show's original name before it became "Stranger Things." The emails go all the way back to 2010, three years before Kessler claims he pitched his idea to them.

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In the emails, the Duffer Brothers reference the same "paranormal" and "gritty eighties" themes of the "Stranger Things" we know today. They even talk about "the Montauk experiments," which is what Kessler's entire show idea was based on.

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The Duffer Brothers' lawyer states, "These documents prove that Mr. Kessler had absolutely nothing to do with the creation of 'Stranger Things.' The Duffer Brothers were developing their project years before he claims to have met them." 

These emails alone could mean Charlie Kessler's entire claim is invalid. The Duffer Brothers might've just saved themselves. 

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