When we were kids, so many of us spent our time dreaming of what it would like to be an adult. Now that reality has smacked us around a little bit, a lot of us want nothing more than to spend our days watching cartoons and hanging out at the playground. While that's not entirely possible, we do have some good news that may trigger some nostalgia - Disney+ Streaming Service's launching a new Monsters Inc TV series!

I remember how big the buzz was when word first came out about Monster's University. Grown men and women were beyond ecstatic and instantly started making plans to hit the theatres with their friends to relive their childhood.

With this new show, I'm thinking the buzz will be just as big!

The show is to be called Monsters at Work and will pick up six months after the initial Monsters Inc film left off. If you don't exactly remember how the movie ends, essentially the monsters realized that using laughter, rather than screams, was a better way to power their city.

Of course, the show will feature all your old favourites like Sulley and Mike Wazowski (all voiced by the original actors, may I add), but there are definitely plans to introduce some new characters along the way.

The show's main character will be Tyler Tuskmon, who is, "an eager and talented young mechanic on the Monsters Inc. Facilities Team (MIFT) who dreams of working his way up to the factory's Laugh Floor to become a Jokester alongside his idols Mike and Sulley."

Monsters at Work will be coming to the Disney+ streaming service in 2020. With this major announcement, we have our fingers crossed that more original Disney content will be coming our way to bring on those waves of nostalgia.

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