It seems that Netflix can't catch a break lately - users of the streaming service are finding something to complain about on an almost daily basis. Whether it be the new Netflix Originals, the obnoxious auto-play feature, or anything in between, Netflix is facing constant criticism. Now, fans are threatening to cancel their Netflix subscriptions, but this time it's because The Punisher got canceled.

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Because of the unfortunate decision to cancel the series, fans are avidly speaking out - many are even going as far as threatening to cancel their Netflix subscription. It's seeming almost as though these threats are a tactic to see if Netflix will cave and revive the series, similar as to what happened with Brooklyn Nine-Nine, or the rescue of Friends.

As you can see from the tweets, people are seriously unimpressed with Netflix's decision to cancel The Punisher after just two successful seasons. The cancellation of the show means that Netflix has officially ended its ties with Marvel, as Jessica JonesLuke Cage, and many others have now been canceled.

It seems as though fans are hoping the show will be picked up by Disney+, the new streaming service that's set to launch this year. It will be interesting to see whether or not the many complaints leads Netflix to reverse their executive decision, or if they're willing to lose a few subscribers.

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