It's no surprise that the latest installment in the Star Wars franchise has been a massive hit at the box office. Since its December 15th release, it's been practically impossible to escape talks about the surprising and not so surprising features of the movie. Though, there is one specific scene that has caused a rather... interesting response from fans. 

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While we don't want to completely ruin the scene for people who haven't watched the movie yet, we can say that it concerns the massive crash at the end of the movie that resulted in 10 seconds of complete silence in the theatre. While you would think most people would understand the silence was for dramatic effect, it turns out a lot of fans were boggled by the cinematic touch. 

In response, tons of fans actually complained to the theatres they watched the movie in about the scene, claiming that it must have been a technical difficulty. So many fans had complained about it to the point where AMC theatres began to post this disclaimers outside of the rooms that were airing Star Wars: 

So while there is a ton left to the imagination plot-wise in the Star Wars universe, at least you've got one of your questions answered: yes, that 10-second silence was completely intentional. 

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