YOU is now streaming on Netflix, and fans have something to say about it. If you haven't heard about this show, it's basically a mix between Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars and Gone Girl. The show, who stars Penn Badgley and Shay Mitchell, is about a boy named Joe who tries to win the heart of a girl named Beck, and ends up becoming obsessive and a stalker. This new Netflix drama was put on Netflix last night, and fans are already realizing something a little strange. 

When casting directors are casting a show, they obviously have their mind set on someone specific. Penn Badgley is known for his role as Dan Humphrey in Gossip Girl, and *spoiler alert* he ends up being Gossip Girl in the end. So that means Penn Badgley has a lot of experience playing someone who is shady, basically a stalker and is very good at the mysterious role. Even though it does seem like a match made in heaven, fans think the roles are a little too similar. 

Shay Mitchell plays a character named Peach, who is a very suspicious character and Joe does not like that. He tries to get rid of everything in his way of him being with Beck, which even means going as far as, you guessed it, murder. This show is also super into social media, which makes it a little more understandable as to how Joe can find out so much about his crush. 

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While the show premiered on Netflix last night, some fans have already binge watched it like crazy. The reaction to the show is pretty positive, because who doesn't love Penn Badgley? But fans are convinced that he can only play the same character, and that character is Dan Humphrey. 

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Damn, I love Twitter. Anyways, although people were confused to see Dan Humphrey Penn Badgley reprise his role as a creepy stalker, they could not get over the cliffhanger at the end. I'm not going to ruin it for you, so let me just say... Stream YOU on Netflix now!!! 

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