It's December 13th, do you know what that means? It's officially Taylor Swifts birthday. But like always, she'd rather give something to her fans. Taylor Swift finished her popular Reputation Stadium Tour last month, which brought in over 300 million dollars. I mean, goals right there. But of course, not every one of her fans could make it to the tour, so she decided to bring the tour to us

Taylor Swift just announced on her Instagram that she is doing a partnership with Netflix and bringing all of us what we want: A full Reputation Stadium Tour concert. Are you ready for it?! Because I am. Taylor Swift is one of those artists that goes all out with her concerts, and her fans love her. So we can just imagine what this concert will look like. Unless you've been to her concert, then you'll get to experience it a second time!

Taylor Swifts tour had 40 stops in North America, and had opening acts such as Camila Cabello and Charli XCX. She also had special guests on her tour such as Shawn Mendes, Selena Gomez, Bryan Adams, Maren Morris, and many more. Maybe they'll make an appearance on this special? We can all dream. 

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The documentary, which will be on Netflix on December 31st at 12:01 PT time, will show the ins and outs of the concert, what the fans experienced while singing all of her lyrics, and we can only dream of some behind the scenes action. If you're a big T-Swift fan, then make sure to clear your calendar on December 31st. 

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When she dropped the trailer this morning, Taylor Swift said, "You made this tour so insanely fun for all of us on stage, and I’m really excited that we will have this memento of the memories we all made together this year." It is safe to say this will also be on Netflix Canada, as well as Netflix's around the world. You can watch the trailer for the Reputation Stadium Tour below. 

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