HBO's new mini-series premiered last night and it's already well on its way to becoming the most talked-about show on television. "Sharp Objects," starring Amy Adams, is the psychological thriller-dark drama crossover you've been waiting for.

The series is rolling out weekly, with new episodes airing every Sunday night at 9:00 PM ET/PT.

Aside from the A-list cast, "Sharp Objects" is the product of storytelling masterminds. Based on Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn - who's also the author of Gone Girl -  and directed by "Big Little Lies" director Jean-Marc Vallée, the 8-episode series is slated to surpass our expectations. 

Here's a quick synopsis. Crime reporter Camille Preaker (played by Amy Adams) returns to her Missouri hometown to investigate the murder of one young girl and the disappearance of another. Episode one cuts back and forth between Preaker's present-day and the traumatic events from her childhood that continue to haunt her. 

There's no question that Adams is the perfect choice for the lead. Aside from being a serious alcoholic, Camille Preaker seems hard to crack, and definitely has a lot of depth. Even after following her storyline for the entire first episode, it almost feels like you don't know her at all. There's so much we still don't know about her past, and we're on the edge of our seats waiting to find out.

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Without giving too much away, a major bombshell about the girls' murder case gets dropped in the first episode, and Preaker is right there to witness it. We also get introduced to her family and catch a sliver of her toxic, unusual relationship with her mom.

In the final scene of the first episode, Preaker gets into the bathtub in her mother's house, exposing her bare skin which is covered completely in scars. The word "Vanish" - the title of the episode - is etched into her arm from razor blade cuts. 

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If family dramas and murder mysteries aren't your thing, you absolutely have to watch "Sharp Objects" for the stunning cinematics. The show does an amazing job of capturing Preaker's nostalgia and her chilling memories of growing up in Wind Gap, Missouri, which is somehow charming and haunted-looking at the same time.

Even though we're only one episode in, everyone's already praising Amy Adams' performance, predicting that she's already got an Emmy in the bag. 

So far, there's nothing we don't love about "Sharp Objects." It's gripping, gritty and unflinchingly raw - everything you could possibly want in a dark drama. Whether you watch it now or save it for later, it's an absolute must-see. 

To watch the first episode on HBO Canada and see the air dates for every episode, click here


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