If you were a 90's kid who loved watching Family Channel growing up, then you're going to be shook when you see what they look like now. Just like us, they grew up too. And some didn't just grow up, but glo'd up. The stars from popular Family shows like Life With Derek have gone on to continue their acting careers to this day, starring in shows like Riverdale and The Flash.  

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Curious to see where your fave Family Channel stars ended up after we grew up and their shows stopped running? We did some digging and found the inside scoop for you. Check out with these Canadian actors look like now, almost 10 years later from their roles on the Family Channel. 

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Vanessa Morgan // Amanda on The Latest Buzz 

This beauty made her big start as Amanda Pierce on The Latest Buzz, which ran for three years on Family. But since then, she's gone on to become a TV star on Netflix screens but you may not have recognized her. She is now a recurring cast member on The CW Show Riverdale, playing Toni Topaz and Cheryl Blossom's girlfriend. She also made the transition from Family Channel to Disney Channel and appeared in the channel's original movie Geek Charming and season two of their show A.N.T. Farm. 

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Robbie Amell // Max on Life With Derek

This Family Channel heartthrob made it from the small screen to the big screen. Since playing Max (Casey's boyfriend) on Life With Derek, he's gone on to star in several movies, such as the Netflix flick When We First Met and teen romcom The DUFF. He also has a major role on The Flash, among many other roles or appearances in other TV shows such as Modern Family, A Series of Unfortunate Events and Pretty Little Liars. 

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Charlotte Arnold // Sadie on Naturally Sadie 

After starring as Sadie on Naturally Sadie for two years, Charlotte Arnold went on to be a title character on popular Canadian show Degrassi: The Next Generation, playing Holly J. Sinclair from 2006 to 2013. She even won a Gemini Award for her role as Holly. 

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Kate Todd // Lily on Radio Free Roscoe

Kate continued to act after playing the lead actress on Radio Free Roscoe, appearing in another Family Show, Life With Derek. But it looks like now she has shifted her focus to music. She has released an album and received recognition for her music, such as winning Best New Album at the Radio Nation Music Awards. 

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Munro Chambers // Wilder on The Latest Buzz

Munro Chambers starred as Wilder for three years on The Latest Buzz, a Family Channel show about high school teens who work at a youth magazine. Afterward, he continued his acting career, and you probably recognize him on Degrassi, where he played Eli for five years until 2015. He has been starring as the main character on the Canadian sitcom Second Jen since 2016. 

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Michael Seater // Derek on Life With Derek

Michael Seater was known for playing Derek on Life With Derek, a Family Channel show that went on for four years from 2005 to 2009. But his success in the film industry didn't stop there. He acted in many other TV shows after, playing James Gillies in Murdoch Mysteries from 2009 to 2017 and starring in the CW show 18 to Life. Not only has he been acting, but also directing and writing. He wrote and directed the 2015 film People Hold On and Sadie's Last Days On Earth in 2016. 

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Demetrius Joyette // Michael Davies on The Latest Buzz

Like many other Canadian actors, Demetrius Joyette went on to act in Degrassi for three years as Mike Dallas after his starring role on The Latest Buzz. He continues to act and currently lives in Los Angeles. In recent years he has appeared in many TV shows, such as starring in Wingin' It (another Family Channel show) and appearing in NCIS

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Ashley Leggat // Casey on Life With Derek

Ashley Leggat is known for starring as Casey McDonald in Life With Derek, and continued to act after the four-season show ended. She has appeared in several shows and TV movies, such as SuitsThe Good Witch trilogy and The Perfect Roommate. She seems to have kept in touch with Michael Seater, who played her brother and co-lead on Life With Derek and even appeared in a film directed by him called People Hold On. 

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