How To Get Away With Murder and Scandal are arguably some of the most popular shows on Netflix right now. The hit shows featuring the story of a law professor and attorney and the other about a political fixer. While many have been obsessed with both shows, nobody predicted that the commonalities between the two leads would result in a crossover episode! If you were on Twitter last night, you may have caught both Violas Davis and Kerry Washington teasing the now confirmed collab: 

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While it initially seemed that Viola and Kerry were just pulling fan's legs, it didn't take long for writers of both shows to take to Twitter to confirm the cross over. Even giving us a sneak peek of the script when the two iconic characters meet! 

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As of now the crossover episode has been announced on Twitter, but the announcement itself isn't the only news out about the crossover and how it came about. Peter Nowalk, one of the writers for How To Get Away With Murder revealed that he had contacted fellow writers over at Scandal, telling them " it’s possible that their (Annalise and Olivia's) stories could cross really organically. She actually pulled up a clip of something from Scandal and their side of the story coalesced perfectly." It's no secret that the two main characters in both shows have a ton in common, both being strong independent women who somehow know how to get out of nearly every situation that comes their way. 

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What fans may not realize is that this was the last possible year for the collaboration for the two shows. While How To Get Away With Murder is still going strong on their fourth season, Scandal's final seventh season airs this year. Though if you were worried about it only being an hour, don't worry. Due to their back to back times on ABC's schedule, the feature will be two hours and is said to combine both show's worlds. If you thought you were excited, it seems the actors involved are just as excited as you are considering they are flooding their social medias with photos about the collaboration's table read last night!

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According to the writer's apparently this crossover isn't just a fun way to bring two shows together for a one-time thing, apparently the episode plays a significant role in the way Scandal ends up finishing its series! If you are already as excited as we are, don't worry you won't have to wait too long considering the episode airs on ABC this January 18th! 

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