Justin Bieber took to Twitter yesterday to celebrate an important milestone. According to the Canadian star, it's been exactly three years since his album Purpose came out. 

Many fans were excited by the news, but others began realizing that that means it's been three years since Justin Bieber has given us a new album. Now they're desperate for more and it looks like Justin Bieber is actually ready to give it to them. 

In responding to Justin's tweet, fans are eagerly asking the star where the next album is. Some of them are getting really desperate too saying they are dying without more Bieber music. 

Unfortunately for those people, the wait isn't over quite yet but there is hope on the horizon. Many sources close to Bieber have confirmed that he is actively working on writing and recording new music. 

Justin's Instagram posts confirm that he has been in the studio, even from over a year ago, working on new songs. As for what those songs could be, sources also say that he is trying to reflect his religion in his music. 

The source said that Justin has gotten very connected to God and the Hillsong church over the past two years meaning this upcoming album will have a very different vibe than Purpose. Sources think it will have big themes of love and redemption. 

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As for when the album is coming out, Justin is keeping fans in the dark about that, but he has a good reason. Reportedly, the star wants to avoid setting a release date so he can focus on the music and the writing without a deadline, similar to what stars like Beyonce and Eminem have done in the past. That being said, the new album is predicted to come out in 2019. 

Sources: Hollywood Life / iheartradio / Capital FM

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