Back in 2003, MTV teamed up with Ashton Kutcher to create a show called Punk'd. If you've never had the fortune of watching it, essentially it's a hidden camera show, hosted by Kutcher, where hilarious pranks are played on all of your favourite celebrities. Kutcher left the show in 2007, but it was taken over by other celebrity hosts shortly after. It ended for good in 2015, leaving fans disappointed, but we've got good news! MTV's Punk'd is making a comeback.

News of the comeback came this morning, June 4th. Along with the Punk'd reboot, viewers will also be able to enjoy another popular MTV show reimagined - Singled Out.

"For the generation who grew up watching Punk'd and Singled Out on MTV, this represents a long overdue reboot of two well-loved shows. It's also an opportunity to bring these enduring and classic MTV franchises to a brand-new audience on our exciting new platform," explained Doug Herzog of Quibi.

Quibi is a new mobile-first streaming service where viewers will be able to check out the new shows, which is a great option considering so many millennials are opting out of paying for cable TV and choosing to subscribe to multiple streaming services instead.

"This deal builds on MTV's strategy of reinventing our iconic shows to reach new audiences on pioneering new platforms like Quibi. We are excited to be working with Jeffrey, Doug and the Quibi team to reinvent Punk'd and Singled Out for a new generation of fans."

Each show will have 20 new episodes, all under 10 minutes long, so viewers will feel much less guilty when binge-watching them in a short period of time. Creators of the show were also excited to announce that the reboot of Singled Out will be more inclusive, featuring contestants from the LGBTQ2S+ community.

A release date has yet to be announced, but be sure to download Quibi and stay tuned to MTV's social media channels for more announcements.

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