Earlier today, Netflix Canada broke the hearts of fans everywhere when there were rumors that Friends would be leaving the streaming platform starting January 1st, 2019. The rumour began when fans discovered that Netflix Canada was advertising that Friends would only be available until January 1st. 

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'Friends' Leaving Netflix In 2020 Update

This sent the Internet into a frenzy and there were too many tweets to count that ripped Netflix apart for planning to take down the beloved show. It looks like for once, complaining may have worked because Netflix quickly confirmed that the show would stay on the platform. 

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Netflix Canada has now publically confirmed that Friends will remain on the streaming platform. They confirmed in a tweet only one hour ago that Canadians would continue to be able to watch the 90's sitcom on Netflix. 

The Internet is now rejoicing over the news and fans could not be happier. Check out some of the best reactions below to Netflix keeping Friends on the platform. 

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All ten seasons of Friends are available and will remain available on Netflix Canada for your viewing pleasure. With the Canadian winter in full swing, there's no better time to cozy up and binge watch this iconic sitcom. 

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