With the holiday season fast approaching, it's about that time that Netflix users begin swapping out their lengthy lists of horror movies for more heartwarming and seasonal flicks in the spirit of the holidays. Thankfully it seems that Netflix's holiday releases are going to be just as incredible as the series and movies they released for spooky season and we cannot wait! 

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Of course, the holidays always come with new movies, but more often than not it results in some tragically terrible movies that come out of the corporate machine (no I am still not over the dumpster fire that was "A Christmas Prince)." Though the latest release that will be coming to your favourite streaming platform thankfully actually looks extremely promising. 

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Starring Kurt Russell, The Christmas Chronicles is giving us serious 90's holiday movie vibes thanks to its balance between humour and holiday sentimentalism evident in the trailer that was released earlier this month: 

After watching the teaser we can't help but think of the iconic The Santa Clause trilogy starring Tim Allen. Judging by the trailer, it seems like an action-packed flick that revolves around Russell's take on Santa Claus attempting to save Christmas with the help of two New York City children. 

To make matters even more exciting, the film was created by the same people who had a hand in not only the Harry Potter franchise but also Home Alone! Meaning this movie is destined to be a classic and must-see once snow starts to fall. Naturally, holiday-obsessed streamers are already dying to see it: 

Thankfully you won't have to wait too long to be able to catch it on Netflix considering its Canadian release is scheduled for November 22nd. You'll have a new holiday blockbuster to enjoy just in time for the blanket of snow that will cover the entire country until April! 


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