The term "chick flick" has been used to describe a specific genre of movies since the 1980s. Movies that fall into this category are usually about romance and relationships, and almost always have a happy, heartwarming ending. In recent years, it's been called into question whether the term is sexist or not, especially as the fight for equality between the genders has gained momentum. Just yesterday, Netflix explained why "chick flick" shouldn't be used anymore and fans aren't impressed.

If you follow the account @NetflixFilm on Twitter, you may have seen a rant they posted yesterday afternoon about the term "chick flick". We all know that Netflix has an awesome selection of romantic movies that fall into that sub-genre, but the streaming service thinks that it might be time for a new name.

While Netflix does bring up some valid points in the rant, people on Twitter are having mixed feelings about the thread. Some people think that society has become way too sensitive:

And others think that Netflix is shedding light on an important issue:

Clearly, the crowd is divided. Personally, I think Netflix took their rant a step too far, especially considering that if you search "chick flick" on the site, an endless selection of romantic comedies and other movies that fit the trope perfectly pop up. At the end of the day, watch what you want to watch, and let other people do the same - it's not that deep. 

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