Over the past few months, it seems as though every time you log into Netflix, they have a new show or movie waiting for you. Netflix has begun producing everything from interactive movies to reality TV shows, and most of the content does not disappoint. Most recently, Netflix has announced it's first original Thai series, and it sounds an awful lot like Lost.

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The show is called The Strandedand is being filmed in Bangkok, Thailand. It follows an 18-year-old boy named Kraam, who is away at an elite private high school on a secluded island. During his time at school, a tragic tsunami strikes, leaving Kraam and 36 of his fellow classmates stranded on an island in the Andaman Sea.

As time goes on, mysterious events begin to occur, and the teens quickly realize that the likelihood of anyone coming to help them is quite low. Kraam takes it upon himself to step up as a leader and figure out exactly how he can save his comrades.

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Netflix has put out several foreign language films and series' lately, so we're assuming that much like Baby, and it's counterparts, the series will have English voiceovers so English-speaking viewers can keep up with the drama.

 A trailer for The Stranded has yet to be released as production has just begun, but keep your eyes on Netflix's social channels for any more coming information!

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