Anyone who's ever watched 'What The Health' has definitely had their thoughts and feelings about food turned completely inside out and upside down. If that wasn't enough for you, then get ready for Netflix's new food crime docu-series that's just as revealing about the food industry, if not more... and it looks 100% binge-worthy.

Hitting the streaming platform in January 2018 is the Netflix Original docu-series, Rotten. The series centres on the underworld of food production to “expose the corruption, waste and real dangers behind your everyday eating habits." Sounds heavy, but it looks pretty damn good. Add in the fact that it's also educational and it may just be a new crime series favourite.

"In a world where huge global supply-chains are increasingly intertwined and consolidated, this series starts on your dinner plate...and follows the money to the shocking consequences — intended or not — of regulation, innovation and greed," the Netflix release reads.

The docu-series explores everything from peanut allergies to a terrifying scam known as "Honeygate". The episodes expose the greed and misconduct behind some of the world’s biggest corporations, and are meant to disgust, shock and inform you.

Looking at the trailer, they'll probably succeed.

Rotten will hit your laptop screens on January 5th.

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