In the throes of the Kevin Spacey scandal, Netflix is trying to figure out how to keep the House of Cards franchise going.

Just one day after Spacey, who plays politician Frank Underwood in the show, was accused of sexually pursuing a teenager, the network announced it would be cancelling House of Cards after the sixth season. And according to Netflix, the show's production has also been suspended. 

But that's not stopping the network from mulling over ideas on how they can move forward with the show. 

According to Varietythe streaming service and producer Media Rights Capital are in the early stages of development for a potential spin-off, and they're scouting out a number of options. One potential idea? A story following Underwood's creepy right-hand man Doug Stamper.

If thick-eyebrowed political henchmen aren't your thing, don't worry. Apparently there are at least two more ideas in the mix, but details about them are still under wraps. Fans of the show may also argue that a spin-off focused on the cold-hearted - but undoubtedly more interesting - Claire Underwood would activate a larger fanbase. 

Though fans of House of Cards, which premiered back in 2013 and released it's fifth season in May, have already threatened to boycott the show's sixth season.

Spacey, who stars in the show and serves as an executive producer, was accused of sexual misconduct earlier this week when Star Trek actor Anthony Rapp claimed Spacey made advances on him back in 1986 - when Rapp was just 14-years-old.

via @albinokid1026

So will House of Cards really follow in the footsteps of other TV show giants like Game of Thrones, and follow its characters long after they've left? The answer is yet to be seen. Netflix and Media Rights Capital are yet to comment on the reports.

We can always re-watch Stranger Things 2 in the meantime.

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