For years now, Netflix has been known for it's iconic, simplistic red logo. Some minor changes have happened here and there, but for the most part, the logo has stayed true to itself throughout Netflix's many developments. Now though, Netflix has created a new logo specifically for its Original series', and we're not entirely sure how to feel about it.

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The old Netflix logo was straightforward and simple - it read Netflix in bright red font, on a dark grey background. This new logo is much flashier, and provides viewers with a bright flash of rainbow colour, as well as Netflix's signature "da-DUM" sound that we've all been scared by more than once.

A tweet sent out today by a Netflix-affiliated account explains that the rainbow represents a spectrum. This spectrum is meant to showcase Netflix's wide variety of stories, creators, languages, and fans that have come to make the streaming service that amazing success that it is.


Personally, I prefer the old logo to this new one because I'm a fan of simplicity - but hey, who knows? The rainbow may just come to grow on all of us.

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