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Netflix Users Are Upset Yet Again After The Streaming Service Removes This Secret Feature

Expect plenty more cancelled subscriptions.

It's been a crazy week for those at Netflix. From announcing that they're raising their prices to having half the internet lose their minds over the news that Friends was potentially being removed from the streaming service, it's safe to say that a lot of Canadians have been contemplating canceling their subscription this week.

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Thanks to Netflix's newest update, it looks as though that list of cancellations is only getting bigger. Earlier today, Reddit users noticed that Netflix had removed their "secret menus", leaving them feeling totally scammed, and as if they're not getting their money's worth.

Via Reddit

If you're a Netflix noob, or you simply aren't as tech-savvy as the people on this Reddit thread, you may be wondering, "What's a secret menu?" Essentially, a secret menu is found by using a sequence of keyboard shortcuts, and it gives you access to some unique, lowkey features. In this case, the sequence CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+S gave users the option to choose which bitrate they wish to stream their content on.

Other users have mentioned that they would use this shortcut to actually LOWER their bitrate when watching things as background noise, primarily so that they don't waste any bandwidth.

Via Reddit

As the day goes on, I'm sure more and more Netflix users will realize the loss of their beloved shortcut, and continue to be outraged by it, and the many other unfortunate changes the streaming service has been implementing as of late. Good thing so many other streaming options now exist!

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