Dead To Me has only been streaming on Netflix for a month, but fans have generated enough buzz to get the attention of the people at Netflix. The shows first season was highly praised and even got an 87% on Rotten Tomatoes. In a cast panel on Monday, Liz Feldman (creator) announced that Netflix's Dead To Me has been renewed for a second season

Before the renewal, EW asked Liz what a potential season 2 would look like. Instead of spilling some plot lines, Liz opted to advocate for the second season, "If our fans out there would love to see a season 2, let Netflix know." She got her wish! 

Liz will be returning as showrunner, and the shows starring ladies, Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini, will also be reprising their roles.  In the same earlier interview with EW some season 2 spoilers still managed to pull through.

Season two will again center itself around Jen Harding (Christina) and Judy Hale's (Linda) relationship. Liz confessed she wanted to, "create a situation where they're forced together, and they need each other now in some ways more than they did at the beginning of season 1."

Liz feels that creating a situation like that will allow for, "further exploration of this friendship, and relationship, and now very complicated dynamic, or even more complicated dynamic between these two women. But in the most basic way, the score has been evened. "

For fans wondering if the audience will ever be shown the infamous husband, Ted, Liz shut them down, "Generally, if I pick a motif I’m going to stick with it. I would say that feels like that’s part of the fabric of the show, that he’s not somebody that we know."

The first season of Dead To Me ended on a huge plot twist, so this renewal comes as a relief to everyone. There hasn't been any news on a filming start date or release date for the second season. There's hope though, for only a short hiatus, they got a renewal in a month. It seems like Netflix is as eager for a season 2 as we are. 

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