Can a movie still be considered successful if it didn't quite meet the standards of basically everyone? Adam Sandler premiered his new comedy Murder Mystery this past Friday and it's making Netflix history. Despite its negative reviews, Netflix's Murder Mystery is the most streamed movie on Netflix

It's weekend release generated 30.8 million views from accounts across the world. While those numbers are literally insane, it doesn't erase the mediocre rating it got from both critics and fans. It's 43% on Rotten Tomatoes is looming over every rewatch. 

Critics reviews are anything but positive. The New York Times called the movie an "updated but sluggish version of Clue." 

Even people on Twitter are a little confused about how the movie managed to get those streaming numbers. 

Some people are also wondering what those streaming numbers mean. Like did all 31 million accounts stream the entire movie? 

Netflix responded with their own tweet, confirming the 31 million streamers and letting users know that those numbers only count for people who watched at least 70% of the film. 

This movie comes out of a deal that Adam signed with Netflix in 2015; a four-movie deal. The contract was renewed in 2017. 

People most likely tuned into the film because of the names behind the characters. Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler are an iconic duo around the world. No one would pass up the opportunity to watch the two in action!

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