Say goodbye to the Western films of yesteryear: there's a new gun-slinging sheriff in town. And she's female.

Godless is coming to Netflix, and it's everything we'd hope for from a Western movie made in 2017.

The six-episode limited series has all the elements of a classic Western: horses, vicious villains, righteous lawmen, shoot-em-up battles, and majestic landscapes. But there's a twist. Godless puts a female-centric spin on the usually macho genre, and it works. It really works.

The series centres on the town of La Belle, where all the men have died in a tragic mining accident, leaving the town occupied exclusively by women. The women learn to shoot and run things, but it isn't long before men show up with violence and conflict. Typical.

This is where Godless turns the traditional Western on its head. La Belle's all-female residents are determined to turn violence back against the men who initiated it, and then deal with the consequences of unleashing it.

It's written by Scott Frank (Out of Sight), and is produced by Steven Soderbergh (the Ocean’s Trilogy), so there’s some serious talent on board.

But the best part is the diversity of the cast. The typical damsel-in-a-dress in distress isn't all-present in Godless. Instead, the show brings together a wide range of women who all kick ass. And it's wonderful.

Of course, there are some harsh conditions that have molded the women of Godless. In the wild, wild West, "they are empowered by necessity," writer Frank tells TV Insider. “And a lot of the story comes out of the freedom they’ve gained, even if men are constantly trying to take advantage of them.” 

So when the guns come blazing into La Belle, expect the town's women to fire back. The first series of Godless will be available to stream on Netflix on November 22nd.

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