Netflix has just dropped a new trailer for brand new crime drama, Seven Seconds, and the show is definitely going to be your next binge-worthy obsession. 

The new series, created by Veena Sud (The Killing), sees Regina King plays Latrice Butler, the mother of a black teenager in New Jersey who is accidentally run over by a white police officer. The ensuing cover-up provokes protests, a trial, and the painful unraveling of a community ripped apart by racial tension. 

The story is based on a 2013 Russian action movie called The Major, which centres on a police major covering up a deadly car accident involving a child. 

And from Seven Second's 2-minute trailer, we can already tell this story is going to have us gripping the edge of our seats. 

Yup, in case the eight Oscar nominations the streaming service picked up this week weren’t already proof enough, Netflix's latest original flick is a serious reminder that the company is no doubt playing in the big leagues now. 

All 10 episodes will land on Netflix on February 23rd.

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