It looks like Netflix loooves filming their blockbusters in Canada! One of their new films was just spotted shooting in southern Ontario. The new horror film is building a creepy church right outside Stratford, a small town known for its theatre and being the birthplace of Canadian superstar Justin Bieber

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The new movie is based on a novella written by none other than Stephen King,  who is also the author of the story "It", and his son. The film adaptation of King's clown thriller was also filmed in Ontario, across the city of Toronto

The title of the new horror flick is called In The Tall Grass and the plotline focuses on a road trip taken by two siblings who are only young adults. They hear a boy crying for help in a cornfield in the state of Kansas before realizing there may be no way out. 

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The story only gets stranger from there but sadly the production team is keeping super tight-lipped about what's going on with the movie, directed by Vincenzo Natali. 

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One local Scott Abercrombie, who owns a farm near the set, said there is plenty he's been kept in the loop about. Sadly due to his agreement, there is nothing he can currently say about the film project. 

Abercrombie did confirm the church wasn't on his property but his farm will be the "tall grass" seen on the other side of the road from the church. 

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Besides the set outside of Stratford, the rest of the film is set to shoot two hours away in Toronto. The news isn't all too surprising considering both "It" and "It: Chapter 2", written by Stephen King, were shot in the city also. 

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Only one person has been set to star in the film and that's actor James Marsden. He's known for his numerous roles in movies and television such as West World, X-Men, Hairspray, and even The Notebook.

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While there is no date as to when "In The Tall Grass" is set to be released, we will be keeping a close watch to see this scary movie! At least we know "It: Chapter 2" will be out sometime in 2019! 

Source: Beacon HaroldHollywood Reporter 

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