Just when you thought the best rom coms were already made and left in 2007, there's a brand new flick from Netflix that is a serious contender against some of your cult favourites. The new addition to the streaming service is called When We First Met and I promise it gives you all of the 2007 Rom-Com inspired realness you know, love and need this Valentine's Day. 

The story revolves around Adam Devine and Alexandra Daddario's characters where Adam's character realizes he is in love with Alexandra's- just after she announces her engagement with her boyfriend. Does this sound like every other 2000's Rom-Com ever made? Yes. Which is exactly why it's going to be amazing.

The twist is that Adam somehow ends up in a time machine after visiting the bar where he first met Alexandra's character after climbing in the photo booth on site. It's there that he's blasting back into the past to when he first met her and from there through (several) trials and error, he tries to change the past so that he can end up with her in the future.

Both Adam and Alexandra both on their own are hilarious in the movies they've done in the past, so rest assured this movie packs some serious laughs. Though it's the nostalgic feel of the storyline that has us dying to stream it and relive the glory days of good ol' rom-coms. 

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