As awesome as Netflix is, there are definitely some things about the streaming service that could use some improvement. For instance, the amount of time it takes to actually decide on what to watch. This could definitely be more human than Netflix error, but it would be nice for Netflix to come up with a solution (we are paying them an arm and a leg, after all). It would seem that they've finally heard our complaints because Netflix's 'Random Episode' button is about to make your life so much easier.

As of now, Netflix is trialling a new button that will randomly play an episode of a popular show for you, totally at random. Next time you and your friends can't decide what to watch, or you're in the middle of a semi-awkward Netflix & Chill session, leave your fate in Netflix's hands and let them do all the hard work for you!

Although we're calling it "random selection", the show that's picked for you won't actually be TOTALLY random. Let's say you've seen every episode of The Office or Black Mirror, and you're in the mood to watch a random episode of that show, Netflix will shuffle through the options and pick one for you. It's almost the same concept as pulling up your music library and hitting "shuffle".

For now, this feature is only available on the Netflix Android app (for the first time ever it's better to have an Android than an iPhone). We're not entirely sure whether the feature will make it to Netflix for iPhone, or other options for accessing the streaming service.

A Netflix spokesperson explained the feature to CNET, saying, "We are testing the ability for members to play a random episode from different TV series on the Android mobile app. These tests vary in length of time and by region and may not become permanent."

It's hard to say how long this new and unique feature will stick around for, but if you want to try it out be sure to hit up anyone you know with an Android to ask if they're down for some Netflix & Chill. 

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