Let's be honest, we've known for a few seasons now that Jon Snow isn't Ned Stark's son.

The Season 7 finale finally let fans in on one of the biggest revelations throughout the show, dropping the bomb that Rhaegar annulled his marriage to Elia Martell, married Lyanna Stark and and that Jon Snow was the legit heir to the Iron Throne. Finally. 

But the big question is, how will Jon Snow - who seems to always know nothing - have the news broken to him? Newly released Game of Thrones Season 8 spoilers suggest we might have the answer to when he finds out, from who, and how he responds.

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As we previously reported, we already know who the directors will be for each episode. According to director Fabian Wagner, him and Miguel Sapochnik will be working on episodes 3 and 5 of the final six. Boring information, you might say. Until you dig a little deeper.

This weekend, Wagner posted a photo on Instagram, and it reveals a lot. The photo shows an ancient ruin in Northern Ireland called Shane's Castle, a structure that’s been used multiple times during the series for a variety of locations, like the dungeons of Baelor, the crypts under the Red Keep, and most importantly, the crypts under Winterfell.

According to fansite Watchers on the Wall, their sources report that the scenes filmed there this week is for the last of those locations, the crypts under Winterfell, where Lyanna Stark and Ned both lay buried. It features "two leading cast members" (Kit Harington arrived on set at the end of last week and Peter Dinklage has also been on site filming this week).

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The scene happens "very early on" in the final episode run, and because Wagner is working on an episode that is not so early on, it suggests that they're filming two scenes there. One from the report, that happens in either Episode 1 or 2, and probably features Jon and Bran, and then a second one for Episode 3. 

So, from this, we can all probably assume that Jon Snow is taking a trip down to the crypts to learn that his mother is Lyanna Stark. An episode or two later, there will be a second trip down where Jon grapples with this new found information. 

But the big kicker? That last trip to the cripts ends when the characters hear horn blasts. We don't know how many horn blasts exactly, but from previous episodes, we know one would be scouts returning, two would be wildlings and three would be, well, inevitable death. Otherwise known as white walkers. 

Season 8 won't be out until 2019, but it sure does sound like the best season yet.

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