One of Netflix’s newest original movies is being called “creepy” by viewers, despite the fact that it’s a full-fledged romantic comedy.

When We First Met stars Adam Devine and Alexandra Daddario as Noah and Avery, two strangers who meet one fateful night and have a great time together. But just when Noah thinks she’s interested in him, she tells him she’s not interested in a relationship and get totally friendzoned by her.

Fast forward three years later at Avery’s wedding and Noah discovers a photo booth that lets him travel back in time. The rest of the movie is then about Noah in this Groundhound Day-like scenario where he tries multiple times to rewrite his history with Avery so that he wins her over and doesn’t end up in the friendzone. 

While the movie hasn’t dropped on Netflix yet, people are already being highly critical of it, saying that the trailer is choppy and the story is downright creepy:

Surely the movie didn’t intend to offend anyone, but it definitely makes sense how it could possibly rub people the wrong way, especially in a time of #TimesUp and #MeToo.

When We First Met  will drop on Netflix on Feb. 9.

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